POLITICO Illinois Playbook: ROSKAM leads charge against reviving Obamacare repeal bill — FBI SCHOCKE

03/29/2017 07:23 AM EDT
By Mark Guarino (markguarino10@gmail.com; @markguarino) with Kristen East (keast@politico.com; @kristenicoleast) Good Wednesday morning, Illinois. THE BUZZ - Leading the Republican charge against Paul Ryan's replacement for Obamacare turns out to be none other than Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.), a senior House Republican on the Ways and Means committee. According to a POLITICO exclusive by Rachael Bade and John Bresnahan: " The move by the senior House Republican who sits on the Ways and Means committee could complicate any GOP leadership attempt to resurrect the bill that Ryan pulled from the floor Friday. Lawmakers and aides have suggested that Ryan and his top lieutenants might offer new changes to the American Health Care Act sought by conservatives and moderates in the hopes of garnering enough votes to pass it. Ryan would then try to pass the revised legislation through the chamber in the coming weeks. But during a closed-door GOP conference meeting Tuesday, Roskam argued that that would be short-sighted, according to multiple sources in the room. The former chief deputy whip said Republican leaders tried their own approach and it failed, and it would be fruitless to "double-down" on the same bill. House Republicans should instead write a bill that epitomizes Republican ideals, Roskam continued - regardless of whether it can pass Senate rules, sources said." Read more. SCHOCK SHOCKER: Indicted former Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock is saying that an aide broke federal law by stealing information from the Republican's files. The aide was an FBI informant and "stole" thousands of email messages from Schock's House account, his attorneys say. They're categorizing those communications as personal property. In POLITICO, John Bresnahan writes: "The ex-Schock aide was not named in Tuesday's motion. However, according to employee records and information provided by Schock's attorneys, the person in question appears to be Bryan Rudolph, Schock's former district manager. Schock's defense team said it will seek to have the case thrown out, or barring that, prevent the use of any evidence allegedly obtained by an informant, which could jeopardize the Justice Department's case against the 35-year-old Schock, who resigned from Congress in March 2015." Read more. SHINE ON?: Chicago will soon have a Massachusetts-based company to install energy efficiency streetlights citywide. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will make the pitch to the City Council Wednesday. According to DNAinfo's Heather Cherone: "The lights will be installed over four years, with the first lights set for neighborhoods with high rates of violent crime "that would most benefit from clearer and more reliable lighting," according to a statement from the mayor's office. The new lights will also be installed along approximately a dozen main arterial streets across the city during the first year, according to a statement from the mayor's office. The new streetlight fixtures will consume 50 to 75 percent less electricity than existing lights, officials said. The project also includes a new management system that will give the city a state-of-the-art smart lighting grid that will alert crews when lights are about to burn out." Read more NOT SO FAST: A report by the Better Government Association shows that Chicagoans will be paying double than what New York City is expected to pay for a similar program. Alejandra Cancino writes: The mayor also said the four-year switch to 270,000 energy efficient LED lights will be managed by city's transportation department, not the privatized infrastructure trust he once touted as central to innovative public works plans. A city transportation spokesman said the higher costs were due to a more complicated and sophisticated lighting program for Chicago than New York. Chicago's program, he said, provides for replacing both light fixtures as well as some poles and wires ... "The infrastructure trust, which has had the lighting overhaul on its to do list since 2013, acted as a procurement manager for the project and helped the city select Massachusetts based Ameresco as the lead contractor. The deal still requires City Council approval. That role for the infrastructure trust is far different-and reduced--from how Emanuel proclaimed it would be when he launched the initiative 2012 with former President Bill Clinton by his side . Hailing the trust back then as a model of out-of-the-box thinking, Emanuel said it would find innovative ways to attract private investors to pay for infrastructure projects. The idea was to free taxpayers from cost and risk. Instead, as the Better Government Association has reported, the street lighting project will be financed with city bonds and other public financing - the traditional way of paying for infrastructure." Read More. PERSONAL STORY: The mayor made the editorial page of The Chicago Sun-Times with an essay that starts with his grandfather immigrating to Chicago 100 years ago. Emanuel ties his family's past with the trials of Muslims impacted by President Trump's travel ban, but also with the bigotry that has risen in recent years. He writes: "This is a moment across our country when it feels as if the common humanity and values that tie us together are unraveling. When a Jewish family can't pray in peace, or Mexican-American parents are afraid to leave their homes to go shopping, or a Muslim woman has her hijab ripped from her head, or an African-American man and Indian-American couple are killed in attacks in just the last few weeks because of the color of their skin, our most fundamental American values and identity are under assault. As a Jewish-American in public life, I have personally experienced my share of bigotry. But I know what defines the City of Chicago and the United States today is not the acts of hatred by a few, but the acts of love and generosity by the many." Read more. Welcome to POLITICO Illinois Playbook. Not a subscriber? SIGN UP HERE We welcome your tips, events, announcements. Send to markguarino10@gmail.com or @markguarino CHI-TOWN NEWS "Trump in meeting with Chicago FOP boss: 'What's going on in Chicago?,'" by Chicago Tribune's Katherine Skiba: "President Donald Trump continued to spotlight violence in Chicago during a meeting Tuesday with police union officials including Dean Angelo Sr., the president of the union for Chicago's rank-and-file officers. "I ask, 'What's going on in Chicago, right? What is going on?' " Trump asked early in the meeting. "There's no excuse for it. There's no excuse for it. I'm sure you're asking the same question, 'What's going on in Chicago?' "" Read more "Sneed: FOP's Angelo says Trump has cops' backs after meeting him," by Chicago Sun-Times' Michael Sneed: "It was a love fest. "It was humbling," Chicago Fraternal Order of Police President Dean Angelo told Sneed after meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House on Tuesday. "Although we did not come away with specific promises on manpower and assistance, it was good to hear President Trump was truly supportive of us." Angelo said that after the meeting, he and the eight other FOP leaders - including national FOP President Chuck Canterbury - were taken from the Roosevelt Room at the White House and into the Oval Office for a photo in back of the president sitting at his desk." Read more "Aldermen, environmentalists blast Trump environmental order," by Chicago Sun-Times' Fran Spielman: "Aldermen and environmental activists on Tuesday accused President Donald Trump of signing an executive order that amounts to the "single biggest attack on climate action in U.S. history." "Donald Trump's executive order would let coal plants spew unlimited pollution into our air while ignoring the climate crisis, unraveling protections that are designed to save billions of dollars and thousands of lives," Kady McFadden, deputy director of the Sierra Club, told a City Hall news conference." Read more "Two weapons recovered after ICE agent shoots man on Northwest side: source," by Chicago Tribune staff: "Federal agents recovered two weapons after shooting a man who pointed a gun at them while they were serving a warrant at a Northwest Side home, according to a source familiar with the investigation. The wounded man's family has said he did not have a gun when an agent for Immigration and Customs Enforcement shot him in the left arm at his home in the 6100 block of West Grand Avenue around 6:20 a.m. Monday." Read more "Street musician crackdown compromise in works, Alderman says," by DNAinfo's Heather Cherone: "Efforts are underway to craft a compromise that would allow street musicians to continue to play along Michigan Avenue and State Street but reduce the racket irking some Downtown residents, a Downtown alderman said Tuesday. Ald. Brendan Reilly (42nd) said he was working with lawyers for street musicians as well as Downtown residents to work out a compromise after an effort to ban the musicians on Michigan Avenue and State Street faltered in the face of opposition - including a legal threat from the Illinois chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union." Read more "Report: Segregation costs Chicago, residents billions annually," by WTTW's Maya Miller: "Racial and economic segregation across Chicago impacts economic growth, educational attainment and crime rates-costing the city an estimated $8 billion in annual GDP, according to a report released Tuesday by the Metropolitan Planning Council and Urban Institute. "It's not new information that the city of Chicago and the region is segregated. What's new is that we quantify what it costs everyone, not just those living in predominantly low-income and minority communities," said Marisa Novara, who helped design and manage "The Cost of Segregation."" Read more "Paul Vallas, CSU board chairman discuss struggling school's future," by WTTW's Evan Garcia: "Following a closed-door meeting Monday that lasted nearly six hours, Chicago State University's board of trustees announced the delay of a decision on who would lead the beleaguered state university. On April 7, the board will name a new interim president to replace current interim President Cecil B. Lucy, who will return to his position as interim finance and administration chief." Read more "Rahm Emanuel rival hits Chicago mayor for past immigration stances at NYC sanctuary city conference," by Observer's Madina Toure: "Cook County Commissioner Jesús "Chuy" Garcia-who successfully sought to unseat Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in 2015-asserted to the Observer that the former White House aide's insistence on maintaining the Windy City's "sanctuary" status was merely part of a "political calculus," and pointed to his history of opposing immigration reform. Emanuel, like his fellow Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio, has maintained that his police department will not cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement except in rare circumstances-even after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced yesterday that such compliance will be a prerequisite for receiving future Department of Justice grants. Garcia, who ran two years ago as a left-wing alternative to the centrist Emanuel, recalled that the mayor had supported "hardened" and "very punitive laws" on those who enter the country illegally during his time as a top staffer to President Bill Clinton." Read more STATE/STATEHOUSE "Madigan calls Rauner's Thompson Center comments 'disingenuous,'" by Chicago Tribune's Kim Geiger and Monique Garcia: "Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan pushed back Tuesday on Gov. Bruce Rauner's recent assertion that Democrats who control the General Assembly are holding up the sale of the state's Thompson Center in Chicago, calling the claim "disingenuous." In a letter to the governor distributed to reporters by the speaker's staff, Madigan said he had "publicly acknowledged a desire to work" on Rauner's proposed sale of the Loop office building. The governor on Monday accused the speaker of blocking the plan." Read more "Rauner's new campaign ads are reminiscent of 2014 campaign," by Chicagoist: "Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is going back to his 2014 gubernatorial campaign roots, appearing in a new set of ads promoting what he's now calling a "real reform budget," featuring items off the menu of his 'Turnaround Agenda.' "Governor Rauner is working hard to enact a balanced budget that protects taxpayers and grows jobs," said Jon Thompson, a spokesperson for State Solutions, an affiliate of the Republican Governor's Association, in a press release first published by Capitol Fax." Read more "Mendoza: Gov. Rauner lies about having balanced budget," by CBS Chicago's Bernie Tafoya: "State Comptroller Susan Mendoza criticized Gov. Bruce Rauner at a senior citizen apartment complex for not completing a budget deal so the state can legally pay bills. WBBM's Bernie Tafoya reports. At the West Point Senior Plaza on the Near West Side, Mendoza claimed she recently paid $94 million in Medicaid payments. She also said the state still has a backlog of bills around $12.5 billion, and that the Illinois governor is lying about the budget. She pointed to his new TV campaign commercial where he allegedly claims to have a balanced one." Read more "Tired of promises, a struggling small town wants problems solved," by NPR's Kirk Siegler: "At the very southernmost tip of Illinois, the pancake flat cornfields give way to the rolling, forested hills of the Delta. Here, at the windy confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, it feels more southern than Midwest when you arrive at the old river port and factory town of Cairo, once made famous in Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn . But Twain might not recognize Cairo today. "People come through Cairo and say 'wow'," says Phillip Matthews, a pastor and community activist. In the last three decades, his hometown lost half its population. Alexander County is not only the poorest county in Illinois; it's also one of the fastest depopulating counties in the United States." Read more "Poll: Majority of Illinoisans want legal recreational pot," by the Southern Illinoisan: "Large majorities of Illinois voters support marijuana decriminalization and legalization for recreational use, according to the results of the latest poll from Southern Illinois University Carbondale's Paul Simon Public Policy Institute. Seventy-four percent of voters support or strongly support decriminalizing marijuana where people in possession of small amounts for personal consumption would not be prosecuted but may be fined. Twenty-one percent oppose or strongly oppose decriminalization and 5 percent answered otherwise." Read more TRUMP NEWS "Trump signs executive order unwinding Obama climate policies," by The New York Times' Coral Davenport: "President Trump signed on Tuesday a much-anticipated executive order intended to roll back most of President Barack Obama's climate-change legacy, celebrating the move as a way to promote energy independence and to restore thousands of lost coal industry jobs. Flanked by coal miners at a ceremony at the Environmental Protection Agency, Mr. Trump signed a short document titled the "Energy Independence" executive order, directing the agency to start the legal process of withdrawing and rewriting the Clean Power Plan, the centerpiece of Mr. Obama's policies to fight global warming." Read more "Trump's business network reached alleged Russian mobsters," by USA Today's Oren Dorell: "To expand his real estate developments over the years, Donald Trump, his company and partners repeatedly turned to wealthy Russians and oligarchs from former Soviet republics - several allegedly connected to organized crime, according to a USA TODAY review of court cases, government and legal documents and an interview with a former federal prosecutor. The president and his companies have been linked to at least 10 wealthy former Soviet businessmen with alleged ties to criminal organizations or money laundering." Read more "In 'Apprentice' defamation case, Trump will argue he is immune from lawsuits in state courts until he leaves office," by The Washington Post's Rosalind S. Helderman: "President Trump plans to argue that as president he is immune from all civil litigation filed in state court until he leaves office, a lawyer for the president wrote in a legal filing in New York this week in a case related to allegations that he sexually harassed a former contestant on the reality show "The Apprentice." Summer Zervos is suing Trump in New York, arguing that Trump defamed her when he denied her allegations during the presidential campaign, calling her and other women who made similar claims "liars."" Read more "Gov't watchdog to examine cost of Trump's Florida travel," by AP: "A government watchdog will investigate the taxpayer-funded travel costs when President Donald Trump travels to the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and the security procedures surrounding those trips. That's the word from several congressional Democrats who raised concerns and sought an inquiry by the Government Accountability Office. The lawmakers said Tuesday in a statement that the GAO has initiated a review." Read more
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